Friday, November 26, 2010

It has been a minute...

What's good everyone??

I realize it has been a minute since I have posted a blog on this particular page. My focus has been continuing to build the Jesus Juice Coature brand worldwide. Facebook and Twitter are priorities for JJC.

Have you seen the giant JJC billboard in Midtown Manhattan? Thankfully, we are seen by millions of people daily. The response has been outrageous. Some bad, some good. I welcome it all. For the record my friends, Jesus Juice Coature does not signify some Michael Jackson innuendo but quite the contrary. Jesus = The King of Kings. Juice = Respect. Coature = Custom, premium outerwear. Simple.

Originality is first and foremost with us. True, we are inspired by excellence including Burberry and Ralph Lauren, however we stay in our lane... fine, New York City influenced fashion and perspectives.

Thank you for listening. :) Please, follow us at and friend us on Facebook- Jesus Juice Coature.

Send us all feedback. We are true consumers designing for consumers. What is your favorite men's store?

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Everything is moving and growing faster than we've imagined. More on that later, but for now log onto and drop a line!

Oh yeah, we have hundreds of pieces, however I have opted to limit our online looks FOR NOW! The entire collection will be available for online ordering VERY SOON!

I thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you!

Shawn White
CEO, Jesus Juice Coature

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Good morning,

We are seeking experienced pattern makers and sketchers immediately. Keep an eye out for our new street ad's coming very soon. Lot's of wonderful things on the horizon including Nas and Jim Jones wearing pieces from The Aspen Collection 2010, in addition to a couple of big surprises.

As the weather breaks, we will be donating outerwear pieces to the less fortunate.

And, we will begin to blog regularly beginning September 1st, with video footage of our showings and stylings.

Talk to you later!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What's good World?

I am aggressively seeking a female designer for our ladies winter outerwear collection. You have to be edgy yet classic as opposed to trendy. Also, having pattern and sketch experience is a requirement.

Please mail resumes and copywritten sample sketches to JESUS JUICE COATURE 304 Park Avenue South, 11th Floor. New York, NY 10010 (646) 308-0509.

**** April, we'll begin to run our bus stop shelter ad's throughout New York City- starting with the first set in Harlem on 125th as well as Lenox Avenue and Central Park West. Look out for the ad's AND, our premium pieces.

Have a blessed week and I will holla later.

Peace & Love,
Shawn White

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Spring Again!!

What's up everybody?

I know it's been a minute since I've updated the blog...pardon me. The new spring 2009 collection has been consuming me beyond belief. The new rain coats from the Madison Ave. collection are stupid hot. And, the 7th Ave. collection suede windbreakers with the silk Pucci lining? I don't want to talk about it. LOL. We also have the suede joints with the Egyptian cotton ribbed trimming that are fire. Listen, I'm not going to talk you to death, I'd rather show you. Be on the look out this coming week.

On another note, shouts out to The Eden Lounge in Baltimore. I was in the area for the historic inaugural events and partied there and had a ball. True story- I was at the bar twisted and the flyest two ladies at the venue sat next to me, looked me up and down and told me they liked my swag! I was wearing charcoal gray, black and royal blue Vasque's, blue black rinse Diesel Jeans, a charcoal gray wool hoodie and that black JESUS JUICE COATURE leather with the black ribbed trimming and snap shoulder epitets. The shit is ridiculous. I felt like the dude from the old Bugle Boy commercial. (don't remember? YouTube it.) Unfortunately, I left my Gucci glasses there too...and they are prescribed. Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol.

So listen, it's late...I have to say my prayers, get some z's, wake up and confirm travel arrangements. As always, thank you for your support and interest in JESUS JUICE COATURE. Oh yeah, big shouts to Daymond John. Appreciation and gratitude for sure!! I take everything you tell me and apply it. JESUS JUICE COATURE IS HERE NOW!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What we are up to.

What's good World?

By now, you have noticed our fresh and are a part of our family. I appreciate that. Serius Jones (if you don't know, google him.) has taken to rocking JJC on his own accords. Salute to you sir.

Lately, I've been gearing up for our Magic show debut in February. I've got the samples together for the spring line as well as the winter joints ready to go. My assistant Briston is lining up TV and movie placements as we speak and I'm focusing on growing our brand. Happy Holidays to you and yours and, thanks for your support.

God bless.

Shawn White

Monday, October 13, 2008


So, this is the time we were waiting for. The winter is up the block and around the corner and we have what you need. Because, our same color combination bombers were so popular, we brought them back...and we have added new flavors. Check back everyday as we will be adding new flicks and updating the site on a regular basis.

ALSO...we have the illest suede and patent leather bombers on the planet, I promise you. Get your patent leather Prada's and Mauri's ready.

As always, on behalf of JJC and my staff, we thank you for your interest in the newest and the best. Let's go!

Peace & Love,
Shawn White.